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About GTurbine

Because power plant technology is constantly changing and each customer's needs are unique, a cookie cutter approach just doesn't cut it........
Our Team Leadership
Mike Henderson
Lead Technical Director
Controls Specialist
24 Years in Industrial Power Generation on 5 Continents, 30+ Countries, and counting. From the Control Room to the Boiler room, From the Project Manager to the TFA, getting the job done.

"Having worked in various locations around the world, I have seen many cultures, and none has amazed me more than the one that crosses ethnic and  geographical borders.... the culture of ingenuity that has born of necessity, allowing the few who have seen it to know that there are always different answers for the same difficult questions, and all are correct if you look for the need that caused them to be answered." While the technology has been the same around the world, there have always been unique implementations that have corrected for a certain problem that was created by where it was used. Each time the implementation has improved the use of the technology, but somehow those small improvements seems to fall through the cracks with larger companies and are not shared to improve the function across different equipment on a grander scale. As I noted each small change and increase in improvement, I knew that if I put them all together, great things could be achieved. So, when I started my own company I vowed to put them all together and apply them across different technologies.....and continue to pay attention to what every culture of ingenuity has to offer, because its the details and the attention to them that make good things great!!!

Tomas Sanchez 
Projects Development Lead
Mechanical Engineer-PMI
15 Years in Power Generation in Europe, Latin and North America.
From 20MM projects to 20 hour site shifts,
never losing sight of what needs to be
achieved. Mr. Sanchez has supported various rolls across a variety of projects. This experience allows, allowing the vision of the product he developed to be completed as it was committed.
Chris Washington
Site Manager
32 Years in Site Construction in the Americas ranging from Super-intendent to Site Manager.
Always maintaining a situational awareness and connection with the workforce that few others
can boast, Mr. Washington continues to be an crucial part that allows the team to deliver a quality, well documented installation that safely reaches COD on time and on budget.
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