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We realize that our clients are our business. As such, they are our primary focus. The more successful our clients are, the more successful we are. That is a core principle of our business philosophy. Here are a few of our clients and the projects we have performed with them.


We provide TFA services to keep 3 GE LM-2500+G4 turbine/generator sets running on Chevron's Newest, largest, Most state of the Art Platform in the World- The Jack St. Malo.

We provide parts and TFA services to complete their work load of installing Surplus units. We have provided Start-up management, Planning, Tools & materials, manpower, engineering and design services, as well as closing out multiple sites outstanding warranty issues to allow COD.
 Golden Spread                 Electrical Co-Op

As Golden Spread installed a surplus 7FA and hired the OEM for TFA services on the installation, we provided TFA services with the technical skills necessary to get the control system running and provided several specialty parts to complete the installation. We continue to provide parts and TFA services.

Zachry Holdings Inc.

We continue to provide parts and TFA services to allow Zachry to complete their power plant projects. Most recently on the Mustang 6 expansion project.

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